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Between 1876 and 1976 approximately 30 millions of Italians left their native soil immigrating to several countries in the world. More than 4 millions emigrated to the United States of America. Perhaps because they tried to forget a painful past, most of their descendants know very little about their names and their history.

What will you find in Italy Gen?
  • Start your research with: professional genealogic tools, references to all vital records, collection of links, a detailed orientation about Italian archives and a complete guide for your research of Italian ancestors. If you’re trying to restore your family history you’ll enjoy to figure out how that man or that woman were, where they born, how was that town, at what time they immigrated, their reasons for the immigration and other events and facts you are going to discover step by step.

    Together with the family, books and archives, Internet is an endless source of information. Browsing on Internet pages we may learn about our ancestors’ facts and events, uses and costumes of the time they lived and about the landscapes they contemplated. We’ll find historical, geographical information and genealogical resources. And also we may enjoy wonderful postcards of all those landscapes once told in stories by themselves.

Tribute to ancestors
  • This page is devoted to all those Italians who left their land and their beloved ones to start a new life, with the uncertainty of the unknown, with the hope of a promissory future.
    And it’s also devoted to all of us, who are their sprouts and we wish to know a little bit more about them, tighten the limits between past and present.